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Do you or your loved one?

  • Feel forgetful, confused or lost?  
  • Mix up or forget to take medications?
  • Miss doctor's appointments?
  • Overlook things that pose a safety concern?
  • Struggle to pay bills or buy food?
  • Write checks or withdraw money to make payments to unfamiliar people or companies?
  • Feel lonely or depressed?
  • Feel frustrated or stressed?
  • Take less interest in things previously enjoyed?
  • Avoid people and social interaction?
  • Sleep more often or have less energy?
  • Awake at night and wander around?
  • Notice a change in eating habits?
  • Have difficulty eating, bathing, dressing, or walking?
  • Have trouble cleaning or maintaining a household?
  • Fall more often or bruise easily?
  • Need medical attention or additional personal care?
  • Go to the ER/Hospital frequently?
  • Need daily/weekly treatments such as Dialysis or IV Therapy?
  • Use Medical Equipment such as Oxygen Tank?
  • Have trouble driving?
  • Not safe to live alone?
  • Pose danger to self and others?