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We ourselves our Caregivers

The founders of the company are Licensed Nurses and have been working for  seniors in various health care settings. We saw and observed how families struggle when their loved one needs care or assistance; when they have to take care of their young children and attend to their aging parents at the same time; when they are physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted but they feel guilty if they are unable to help their loved ones and when they are far and can't be there for their loved ones when needed.  These are the common situations that we constantly see.  Family members don't always realize what is the best care option for their loved ones depending on health condition; family support/involvement; cultural considerations and cost concerns.  If Nursing Home and Assisted Living are not the alternatives, there is no doubt that In-Home-Care is the answer.  
GYC Senior Care Services provides you the one-on-one and individualized care you need at the comfort of your home. Our Care Managers who are Nurses do regular visits to make sure we deliver the services we promise and to ensure we consistently comply with Home Care State Regulations.  This being said, your loved ones are safe under our care.  

"To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors."

                             ~Tia Walker~