The New Normal: Assisted Living Trends To Look in 2021

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Today, even with the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, concerns about potential Covid 19 infection are still prevalent in the minds of many families. Today, many may be wondering if assisted senior living is still a practical choice worth revisiting. 

With a person-centered care and services approach, the objective of Assisted Living is to foster a sense of independence through providing healthcare services that meet your loved ones’ home-like needs such as privacy and security settings. 

If you are looking to keep your loved one’s independent lifestyle for as long as possible with the option of having access to healthcare services they need then assisted living is for you. 

The concept of “Assisted Living” aims to maintain and maximize senior independence while providing you with all the healthcare your loved one needs.  

If you are ready to revisit assisted living for your loved one/s, here are three major trends to look for: 

  • Ongoing Vaccinations. If the assisted Living Facility you are currently considering for your loved one was enrolled in the Federal Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care (LTC) Program that ended in May 2021 and provided ongoing vaccination for residents and staff should be able to provide you with their Long-Term Care Safety Plan for ongoing vaccinations.
  • Onsite-Vaccinations For The Newly Admitted. Keep in mind that the facilities on-site and vaccine access plan for newly admitted residents and staff keeps your loved one/s safe during this time.  
  • Current In-Place Infection-Prevention Measure Plan. The facility’s current in place infection-prevention measures highlights how they will  respond to the Covid 19 crisis and how they will prioritize senior safety of your loved ones  moving forward. 

Our GYC Senior Care Family follows public safety protocol and practices rigorous disinfection procedures. We are committed to the safety of our senior living communities and your loved ones. 

Our GYC working around the clock mindset keeps our skilled personal care team on top of appropriate safe-infection strategy and execution to protect and care for your loved ones and our caring GYC Senior Care Family.  

Safety protocols will remain in place to continue to provide access to excellent meal service and enrichment engagement so that our senior living community and families enjoy our post-Covid 19 new-normal and peace of mind. 

Our GYC skilled personal care team and registered and licensed nurses are always happy to answer any questions or concerns.  

GYC Senior Care exists to serve! Learn more at www.gycseniorcare.com or call (847) 410-2126. 

For more GYC senior-related personalized blogs, visit www.gycseniorcare.com



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