The GYC Senior Care Technology Checklist for Encouraging Social Connection with Seniors

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Help your loved ones stay connected while staying socially distant.

Social distancing during COVID 19 equals social isolation and increases emotions of loneliness among older adults, especially those who live alone.

Nothing can fill the void of physical, social interaction with your loved ones, yet staying socially active while socially distancing will keep seniors connected and healthy. 

To maintain our seniors’ well-being here at GYC, we engage them in meaningful, productive activities. This includes virtual time with their loved ones. Connecting virtually with family and friends boosts their mood and improves their motivation, keeping them healthy and active. 

Most adults ages 65 and older own a smartphone; this helps seniors create a digital life and stay socially connected. To help ensure seniors remain socially engaged daily, at GYC Senior Care, we treat our seniors like family. We’ve put together a checklist with some ideas to help you stay socially connected with your loved ones during the pandemic:


✓ Provide high-speed internet. 


✓ Encourage regular video calls, using FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, or Skype. Keep the mind and body active by exchanging stories, photographs, and history. 


✓ Write a list of all the family members and friends they can call daily. You can also encourage them to write letters to family and friends.


✓ Save all of their family and friends phone numbers on their phone for easy access or on a sheet of paper.


✓ Plan a weekly virtual breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


✓ Motivate them to attend virtual social or faith-based gatherings.


✓ Visit when permitted and observe social distancing guidelines. 


Aging during this unprecedented time has added to high levels of stress. With so many changes and transitions, it is critical to stay connected and not isolated. Here at GYC Senior Care, we create an atmosphere of wellness and constant joy. We ensure that our seniors feel like family.

Learn more about us at www.gycseniorcare.com or give us a call today at  (847) 410-2126

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