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 Artificial Intelligence ( AI) can help seniors gain greater control over their health. Applications (Apps) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) demonstrate the ability and proper functionality to empower seniors to control their health and healthcare.


Patient empowerment is a well-known term in the healthcare industry. This term can have different meanings to different people. Still, in healthcare, patient empowerment is recognized as having patients participate in the decisions and actions that affect their overall health and healthcare. In healthcare, this term means that everyone in the care system can see what is happening. It provides seniors access to viable information that keeps them informed of what is happening in their healthcare. App developers are helping advance the future of healthcare. Today Senior Healthcare Mobile App Personalization facilitates patient access and peer-to-peer.  AI cognitive functions such as induction, perception, detection, judgment, improvisation, and long term memory makes medical data translation possible, but it gets better. These human-like abilities are now translating uncertain and complex data into actionable medical decisions or suggestions increasing its potential for medical management, robotic-mediated-surgeries, treatment design planning, virtual nursing, clinical data interpretation,  image-based diagnosis, preliminary diagnosis and virtual nursing. 


AI  virtual nursing simulates real nursing scenarios allowing safe, realistic nurse-patient interactions. Today Virtual Nurses help patients with hospitalization stays and recovery. In the era of COVID, Animated Avatars support our current nurse shortage. Virtual Nurses AI technology is equipped and carefully designed to provide patients outstanding caring and friendly customer service, encouragement, advice, reminders, and patient encouragement.  “GYC believes that there is nothing better than one-on-one care for your loved one,” but we are also all about senior empowerment. 


The future of healthcare has arrived, and IA Technology offers a safe and additional senior healthcare option. Whether your loved one decides to age in place or is part of a senior living facility such as ours, IA technology provides healthcare options for your loved one. Our GYC senior care family encourages you to further research IA technology and consider it as an healthcare option for your loved one. 


 We believe seniors gain greater control of their healthcare when included and invited to make decisions about their healthcare. IA Healthcare technology has proven to provide access to the right information that is viable and relevant, and encourages engagement, personalised experiences that make senior care healthcare safe and possible.  


Some top FDA Health Apps that provide a personalized experience, patient empowerment, and senior engagement are MyDose Coach, Mobile MIM, Eko Digital Stethoscope.  


Some other health apps: 

Our GYC senior care family encourages the use of FDA Health Apps. We believe seniors gain greater control of their healthcare when they have access to the right information that is viable and relevant.  

The benefits of FDA Health Apps are numerous. We are here to help empower your loved ones. GYC Senior Care exists to serve! Learn more at www.gycseniorcare.com or call (847) 410-2126. 



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