Catheter Maintenance

  • Supbra pubic, foley, all types of catheter

  • Catheter insertions

  • Catheter maintenance

  • Training for family members

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Colostomy Care

  • Stoma cleansing

  • Ostomy appliance (pouch) care

  • Moral support through this lifestyle change

  • Burning and itching prevention and care

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Wound Care

  • Diabetic wounds

  • Stasis wounds

  • Amputation

  • Trauma and all types of wounds

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Tracheostomy Care

  • Temporary or permanent tracheostomies

  • Aid in healing, prevent infection & skin breakdown

  • Change wet or soiled dressing

  • Complete care procedure, including cannula removal and cleaning

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Medication Management

  • Organization of medication, correct storage

  • Checking for possible drug interactions and side effects

  • Proper administration including injections, inhalants, eyes drops, oral and topical medications

  • Set up reminders and tracking systems, plan refills.

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Tracking Oxygen Levels

  • Using heart monitors

  • Tracking oxygen levels

  • Using other advanced in-home equipment

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Diabetes Mellitus Management

  • Keeping blood glucose levels as near to normal

  • Maintaining blood cholesterol and triglyceride (lipid) levels as near the normal ranges as possible

  • Controlling blood pressure, caring for insulin pump

  • Help with meal composition, exercise, medication intake, monitoring of blood glucose and blood pressure, adherence to medical appointments

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Blood Pressure Management

  • Diet management

  • Help with physical activity

  • Help with stress management

  • Blood pressure monitoring and adherence to doctor appointments

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Advanced Care Training

  • Giving family members extra peace of mind

  • Working closely with your loved one’s medical team

  • Offering advanced training on high-tech nursing procedures

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Personal Medical Care

  • Nail trimming

  • Oral cavity cleaning

  • Bowel program supervision

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Diagnostics & Lab Work

  • Ultra sound

  • EKG

  • Requisitions

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