Life is precious

We believe that everyone deserves to live out their remaining time with dignity and grace. While it is something unfortunate, when it comes, we want to make the most of it.

GYC invites you to let us help you handle this time with style and grace, ensuring that your loved one receives the highest care and attention they deserve.

What you need to know

As this final stage of life approaches, the best care and treatment can no longer prevent the inevitable.

When such occurs, there is usually a shift to keeping your loved one as comfortable as possible.

Whatever the case is for your beloved, the comfort care provided in End-of-Life Care can help control pain and other symptoms, ensuring the highest possible quality of life in these final stages.

Make the most of this time

While there is no set point in time to transition, here are some guidelines we hope will help:

  • Your loved one has made several trips to the emergency room, but their condition continues to progress, significantly affecting their quality of life.
  • They have been admitted to the hospital several times in the last year with the same or worsening symptoms.
  • They wish to remain at home, rather than spend time in the hospital.
  • They have decided to stop receiving treatments for their disease.
  • In many cases, a doctor may give an expected timeline, or even suggest it is time to begin planning for end-of-life care.

Make the most of this time

We want to encourage you to take whatever steps you feel are necessary sooner than later. No one can predict for certain when those last precious moments will be.

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