Healthy & Active Again: Post Covid Senior Nutrition Care Plan

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The pandemic has been difficult for many – especially those at risk. In trying times, loss of appetite is common, and for aging seniors, this is typical. As a result, seniors require meals that are high in nutritional value in order to minimize the risk of poor health and the risk of slowing down recovery speed. Before Covid 19, malnutrition in seniors raised health complications. Fast forward to today, the aging population with poor diets is at higher risk of mortality. As a result, seniors need nutritional support now more than ever. 

There are many reasons why seniors may lose their appetite. For example, seniors who live alone might not be eating because preparing their meals has become difficult to prepare or lack daily meal routines. 

GYG Nutrition Care Plan: Increase & Stimulate Senior’s Appetite

Be intentional to provide companionship. For example, sharing meals with your loved ones stimulates socialization that boosts their mental-meal-motivation required to help them eat a nutritious meal. 

Loneliness plays a significant factor in malnutrition in seniors.  Setting time aside to sit down and share regular-recurrent meals with your loved one can be a difficult task to tackle while caring for your own family or trying to live life as a single yet loving family member.  

Fortunately, you are not alone. We are here to serve. Planning for your loved one’s senior care services post-covid can be nerve-wracking and stressful. However, we are happy to provide the answers needed to help find the best senior care services your loved one deserves. 

Our GYC skilled personal care team and registered and licensed nurses are always happy to answer any questions or concerns. 

The nutrition of your loved ones is our priority. We are here to partner with you to provide the best personal senior care meal plan and home healthcare services to fit your loved one’s medical plans.

GYC Senior Care exists to serve! Learn more at www.gycseniorcare.com or call (847) 410-2126. 

For more GYC senior-related personalized blogs, visit www.gycseniorcare.com/blog/


The effect of loneliness on malnutrition in the elderly population

Loneliness can be a significant factor in getting good nutrition, experts say

The effect of loneliness on malnutrition in the elderly population


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