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 Managing cardiovascular side effects can protect the hearts of seniors undergoing cancer treatment 


Seniors who undergo cancer treatment are particularly vulnerable to consequential cardiovascular side effects and may refuse treatment as a result of side effects that are more likely to appear soon after chemotherapy.  


After chemotherapy begins, the heart muscle weakens and suppressed blood vessels cause blood pressure to increase. Seniors with existing chronic health conditions, such as diabetes or heart diseases, are more susceptible and prompt to develop blood clots. 


Knowing how to help seniors during cancer treatment allows caretakers to plan, manage, protect, and help your loved ones feel in control of the quality of life they can have while undergoing cancer treatment. 


Seek the assistance of your health care team providers. Talking with them will help guide treatment decisions that can lower risks of blood clots and high blood pressure for seniors with existing chronic health conditions. 


A general understanding of how seniors have been caring for their health can make a difference for seniors.


Cancer treatment success depends on the general health, so before seniors undergo cancer treatment, keep in mind: 


Cancer may not be the only health concern that seniors have to worry about before or while undergoing treatment. Seniors deal with multiple physical conditions that make them vulnerable to such cardiovascular side effects and frighten seniors. 


Your health care team providers can carefully help you analyze a senior’s general physical and mental state before choosing a treatment. They want to know and help address all of your concerns and answer your questions. 


Your health care team can also help you: 


  1. Make a treatment plan that addresses: Practical issues such as getting treatment and praying for it.
  2. Make a possible protection plan that gives careful attention to your loved one’s heart, who may be at risk for heart disease or who already has heart disease.
  3. Guide treatment options based on risks and benefits
  4. Prepare for a lifestyle change
  5. Prepare for chemotherapy’s emotional and social effects and challenges 


At GYC senior care, we strive to provide the best quality care for our seniors and understand the benefits of working alongside the families who entrust us with their loved ones. 


Learn more at www.gycseniorcare.com or call (847) 410-2126



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