By GYC Senior Care on July 15, 2021

The New Normal: Assisted Living Trends To Look in 2021

Today, even with the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, concerns about potential Covid 19 infection are still prevalent in the minds of many families. Today, many may be wondering if assisted senior living is still a practical choice worth revisiting.  With a person-centered care and services approach, the objective of Assisted Living is to foster […]

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By GYC Senior Care on June 30, 2021

How Strategic Communication Benefits Senior Healthcare Management

“There’s always room for improvement no matter what.”  ~Ali Krieger     Transitioning the healthcare of our loved ones to the next clinician requires effective Hand-off Communication. Transitioning medical information involves caregivers who often serve as senders and receivers in the transitioning process known as the hand-off process.  Effective communication between caregivers is critical to avoid […]

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By GYC Senior Care on June 15, 2021

Communication Strategies to Boost Senior’s Social Identity

Communication builds and helps modify one’s identity. Identity construction has its roots in social interaction and relationships, yet individuals internalized self-thought communication.  How seniors define themselves in particular health-related situations? For an aging population, communication serves as the vehicle for identity expression. In a lifetime, each constructs many social identities. These identities take life in […]

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By GYC Senior Care on May 15, 2021

Senior Care Living: Post-Covid Retirement Options For Seniors

The pandemic has changed the way industries around the world consider senior care services. As we move forward to a new way of senior living, we want to continue sharing post-covid senior care- service options that may fit your loved one’s needs.  Post-Covid Retirement Industry- Options  The International Council on Active Aging’s COVID-19 Senior Living […]

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