Signs Your Loved One Needs Home Care “Barbara’s Personal Story”

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This is the story of Barbara.

One of the many success stories of GYC Senior Care Services that had a heart-wrenching start…

Barbara has always been a generous woman, spoiling her children and grandchildren.

She’d always have cookies to spare, fresh from her oven, that even her neighbor’s child grew to love.

She was everyone’s perfect grandmother, until she grew silent.

You see, Barbara lost her husband to cancer. She took care of him and her mother until both passed away.

Despite having enjoyed so many visits to the library over the years, she’d suddenly stopped going.

She would still attend family gatherings and, while smiling frequently, rarely said a word.

If she was in a conversation, she would often forget what it was she was talking about or who it was she was talking to.

And with the memory challenges, she felt uncomfortable engaging anyone in conversation.

One day, she’d even forgotten to turn off the tap at her bathroom sink flooding her neighbor’s units as much as her own.

It was after this last, more serious incident that her sons decided it was time to seek professional help.

They also realized, however, that this was their family home. Removing her from the place she’d raised a family with their father, and nurtured so many meaningful relationships was heart-wrenching.

Fortunately, they sought help from a compassionate, progressional senior care agency, which provided them with an experienced caregiver.

Barbara’s sons were relieved when she was introduced to her caring new friend, Janice, and quickly warmed up to her upbeat nature.

Barbara would often share with Janice her thoughts on why God had allowed her to live like this, unable to do the things she used to do, feeling useless. She would tell her how before she went to sleep, she would pray to God to please let her go.

Each week they would read the newsletter Barbara received from her parish, and the word of God seemed to comfort her more now, than ever before in her home.

She also quickly took on the role of Barbara’s memory assistant. She would remind her of upcoming family events, friends’ names, and even discussions she’d had. From all of this, to what foods to eat and when to take her pills, Janice was there.

Barbara had always prided herself on her cleanliness and in looking sharp, and Janice helped ensure that didn’t change.

Janice kept Barbara’s mind engaged stimulated. They’d play cards and board games. They’d chat up the neighbors as they walked around the building, or strolled the hallways.

Barbara blossomed in the loving care of her friend.

She was very appreciative of Janice’s advice about daily matters, such as what foods she needed to consume, or that speaking to this friend would be a nice thing to do, or to visit someone in need.

Janice encouraged Barbara’s desire to still feel somewhat independent, and would involve her in some of the everyday laundry, putting away dishes, and watering the plants which bloomed as they always had in n a sunny spot on her coffee table.

Feeling as though she was a living witness to God’s grace, Barbara shared with Janice how grateful she was in the message this was sending to her grandchildren. She hoped it would show them how well their parents took care of her, so they might do the same when their own parents grew older.

The once vibrant woman and grandmother who’d slowly shied away from some of the most important people and parts of her life, was again a woman of purpose. Able to better appreciate this newfound purpose why and how things happen the way they do, she is excited about her life, and in her feeling of independence.

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