5 Soothing Activities for Dementia Patients at Home

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Finding the right activities for dementia patients may feel like an exercise in frustration at times. It is, however, worth the effort to ensure the success of dementia home care treatment and to help reduce the number of outbursts among dementia patients and to keep their mind active.

These are five of the best activities to soothe the elderly with dementia. Each one complements treatments and helps reduce the frequency of confusion outbursts.

1. Use Music to Evoke Memory and Improve Mood

Music is an important tool for memory care therapy. Listening to favorite songs from the past is one of the activities for seniors with dementia they may enjoy the most. It helps by offering them something familiar, which is very soothing.

In addition, playing music and singing songs, even silly songs can be invaluable. Encourage the elderly with dementia to dance while listening to music for an added physical benefit.

2. Painting and Visual Art Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Visual art, such as painting, coloring, sculpting, etc., is not just fun, it is an important tool for exercising the brain and stimulating the memory of seniors with dementia. 

Consider performing some of these activities in the late afternoon or early evening to help with sundowning dementia patients’ experiences. 

As far as dementia care goes, it can be an invaluable tool for memory preservation.

3. Puzzles and Word Games

Puzzles and word games are excellent activities for dementia patients as each involves exercising the brain. They promote thinking and reasoning. 

Hangman, word search, crossword, and jigsaw puzzles are examples to consider. In addition, it is believed that using these games regularly can help slow down the progression of dementia.

4. Indoor Activities and Chores

There are many indoor chores and activities that help provide movement, make dementia patients feel like they have a purpose, and keep their minds occupied and engaged. 


It is important to work with dementia home care experts to make sure proper supervision is provided for some or all of the following activities:

  • Folding towels
  • Baking simple recipes
  • Indoor gardening
  • Feeding pets

These activities for seniors with dementia are simple and will give them personal satisfaction upon completion.

5. Scrapbooking and Creating Photo Albums

These are great activities for the elderly with dementia as they help them bring the past and present together. 

The sooner these types of projects begin in the therapy process for dementia patients the more beneficial they become as the illness progresses. 

However, the process is also creative, fun, and helps explore old memories, exercising the brain in important ways.

Incorporating a steady stream of these types of activities for the elderly with dementia can be invaluable from a treatment perspective — particularly since it helps exercise parts of the brain associated with creativity and memory. It’s also an important part of creating consistent routines.

Dementia Care Services

Loved ones with dementia often rely on family for caregiving needs. Unfortunately, caring for someone with dementia can be a full-time job. 


If you are seeking dementia care services, contact us today for more information on how we can give your loved one the care and the need they deserve.

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