4 Personalized Home Care Services Seniors LOVE

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1. Helping Hands

Older adults can use an in-home caregivers’ help for general upkeep around the home, pet care, or daily activities.
They can get help with cleaning, meal preparation, changing linens their personal hygiene, grooming, dressing and assistance with showering, toileting, walking, and feeding.

2. Wellness Assistance

Caregivers can certainly help older adults take their medication on time, and to the prescribed dosage.

But there may also come a time where more specialized help is needed such as assistance with catheter care, colostomy care, post-hospitalization care memory disorders or other medical conditions.

In such instances, caregivers can assist their clients overnight and during extended periods of time.

Home care services also collaborate with certified nurses or doctors that they can send directly to the senior’s home when needed.

3. Companionship

Have you ever told an old story to someone new and it magically felt as fresh and rejuvenating as the day it happened?

That’s exactly what caregivers give their cherished clients, a fresh new set of ears.

Older adults can talk about their life of memories, discuss current or past events take a walk, go places read newspapers, magazines, and books – or have the caregiver read it to them, play board games or do crafts.

4. Escort and Driving

Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, lunch with a friend at their favorite restaurant a visit to the local museum, or attending a special community event older adults can hire someone to drive them wherever they need to go (and back) safely and on time.

When you can’t be there with them, there’s no better way to keep our aged loved ones physically active and mentally stimulated and have a better quality of life than with one-on-one care.

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