3 Benefits of Memory Care

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What Is Memory Care? Memory Care is a term used to describe 24-hour senior care and housing for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of Dementia. 

Memory care is also known as Alzheimer’s care. But while Memory care is associated with Alzheimer’s care and Dementia, these two terms are not the same. Alzheimer’s affects the brain. Alzheimer’s is a progressive-irreversible disease that attacks memory and thinking skills that slowly destroys the ability to carry out the simplest tasks. Dementia is used as a general term to describe a senior’s severe decline in mental ability that affects their daily life. 


I’m not afraid of getting Alzheimer’s because it’s like being famous.

You don’t recognize anybody, but everybody recognizes you.

More years of cognitive-healthy life. Memory Care Facilities make preventing wandering, reducing confusion, and improving the quality of life for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of Dementia their goals.  

Memory Care Teams work hard to offer a safe environment for your loved ones. The approach to memory care focuses on assisting your seniors to maintain their cognitive skills as long as possible. Memory care activities stimulate cognition to provide the best experiences that give seniors more years of cognitively healthy life.

Here are the 3 Benefits of Memory Care:

  1. Senior wandering Prevention. Through secure and less overstimulated environments, seniors with Alzheimer’s experience less fear and stress, reducing confusion and wandering.   
  2. Skilled-Experienced Staff. Trained staff undergoes intensive training on memory care topics such: Psychology of aging, Deescalation techniques, Redirection, and Reminiscence, among others.
  3. Personalized Therapies. Supportive therapies such: Reminiscence Therapy and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy improve cognition and quality of life. 

A safe environment for your loved ones is our GYC Care Family main goal. Our care  approach focuses on assisting your loved ones to maintain the quality of life they deserve. Quality care and great relationships are our priority. 

Our GYC Senior Care Family’s purpose is to ensure your loved one is included and provided with all assisted living care.

GYC Senior Care Family Care Team is available to answer any question you may have as you prepare to navigate all long-term care phases of your loved ones.

Our GYC skilled personal In-Home Care team and registered and licensed nurses are always happy to answer any questions or concerns. 

 GYC Senior Care exists to serve! Learn more at www.gycseniorcare.com or call (847) 410-2126. 

For more GYC senior-related personalized blogs, visit www.gycseniorcare.com



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